All You Need To Know About Getting Music On The Internet

Educational Resources

There is a wide range of education resources about digital music available for teachers and other professionals.


Videos and campaigns

Here are some public education videos from around the world, looking at issues affecting the music industry

Why Music Matters

The Music Matters campaign and videos aim to get music fans thinking about why music is important to them

It hurts

Short video on the theme of how piracy hurts artists

Stop digital piracy

An Italian language film presented by local artists

The Drummer

Video from long-running anti-piracy campaign

Get It Right From A Genuine Site

A UK campaign to help consumers find music, TV, films, games, books and more from licensed services which support the creators.

Jobs in the industry

A series of short clips with different people working in the industry, looking at the variety of jobs in music (German language)

The Business of Music Publishing

Information and advice on the business of music publishing


School materials

Here are some public education resources from around the world, looking at issues affecting the music industry

WIPO's The Arts and Copyright

Explains the importance of the arts, provides basic information about copyright and related rights, and explains common types of copyright infringement and how they can be avoided. The book includes a very useful copyright glossary and model letter that can be used to request permission to use copyrighted works.
Thornbury High Documentary

Documentary with students of Australian school, Thornbury High, exploring issues around illegally downloading music and how it affects artists.
Rock the Schools, powered by a brand called eD

The long-running initiative, Rock The Schools tours consists of a live performance from up-and-coming Australian bands (a lunch time concert) and a series of educational workshops on different aspects of the music industry. Every aspect of the visit allows students to get involved, from learning about the music business to audio engineering to lighting/staging a show.
Value of music

A comprehensive lesson plan in six sections and DVD, looking at copyright, the creative process and the value of music and film (German language). For more information contact

Copyright protects creative work

This educational package for Finnish children features a storybook written by children's author Hannele Huovi and illustrated by Jukka Lemmetty. The story is about a young boy with an active imagination and his friend, the girl next door, who have to deal with all manner of magical mishaps and adventures on the subject of copyright and the respect for other peoples' work. It is accompanied by a teachers' guide, an exercise booklet, lesson plans on each theme, a poster and a board game, all of which can be downloaded from for home or school use.
Ideas are valuable

A set of teaching units developed for secondary school students, encompassing areas such as economic value of the music industry; damage caused by piracy; the variety of jobs involved in music and detailed profiles of people working in the industry.
Music rules

For grades 3-8 and 6-8. A free educational program designed by Young Minds Inspired. The materials include engaging classroom activities that help to set guidelines for using technology responsibly. Lesson plans for grades 3-5 take an interdisciplinary approach, while lessons for grades 6-8 take a technology-based approach.
Education World

Provides advice for educators on copyright and fair use.


Industry Information

Reports on the state of digital music today and the music industry's investment in discovering, developing and promoting artists

Global Music Report
Investing in Music